LifeBox! Virtual life inside a beautiful wood box.

Pixelic life with a Raspberry Pi

What is a LifeBox? The LifeBox Manifesto

In this box live two pixelic entities, the blue and yellow species. These two species compete to survive and reproduce, feeding with the white mana that grows under their feet. Each species has eight configurable variables that can change its behavior. The white mana also has five parameters that determine its behavior and also rule the future of the two species that feeds. Learn the basic concepts of programming and biology being the god of these entities, varying all the parameters and seeing the consequences of your actions in the LifeBox!

The idea behind the LifeBox


For kids and adults

LifeBox! is about learning through playing for kids, and adults too.


LifeBox tries to promote STEM philosophy.

Making and tinkering

You can improve wood design, electronics and tinkering.


You can learn basic programming and algorithmics.


You can learn basic biology and ecosystem concepts.


You will also get a beautiful decorative item!

Watch LifeBox running

Take a look at the video to see the LifeBox running, and the pixelic species trying to survive and reproduce themself feeding with the white mana with an hiptonic dance of beautiful lights.

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We need your help

We are trying to make amazing devices just for fun, and also trying to bring maker and STEM philosophy to kids and adults. We need your help to create and share new devices and accomplish our goal.

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